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Small Business Advice

There are many agencies around the bay that can also help if you are looking to start up in business, why not check them out.


Outset Torbay

At Outset Torbay, we know how daunting the idea of working for yourself and managing your own business can be.

If you’re interested in exploring whether your ideas can grow into a great business then we can help you develop the skills and confidence to do it!

We won’t baffle you with jargon, but share our wealth of knowledge and expertise in a friendly and supportive way.

So why not join our flexible, and totally free programme – we can help you every step of the way, from developing the first stages of your idea through to planning and launching your business, and beyond.


Train Smart

Over the years, a recurring theme for improvement within all companies has been communication.  That is as true today as it ever has been.  The difference now is that we can communicate 24/7: smartphones; tablets; laptops.  Facebook; Twitter; Google+; LinkedIn; Pinterest; Wordpress.  

Much like general room chatter there is a lot of information that is of little interest to you.  You only want to be targeted with information that is of interest to you  -  Your customers most probably feel the same!

I enjoy finding the right routes to engagement for your business, so if you want to increase your social media presence, visit the website.


Devon Matters

Devon Matters is a small business with big ambitions.

We currently have 7 magazines in our portfolio displaying top quality adverts for local businesses.

Our aim to provide the best in terms of quality, affordability but more importantly generate more leads and customers for our advertisers.

We distribute in several key locations in Torbay and Teignbridge with a total distribution of over 24,000 magazines bi-monthly.

Also offering Leaflet and Flyer Distribution across Torbay.


Business Doctors

We're Jon Axon and David Meek, your local business doctor for Devon and Cornwall

David and Jon are passionate about sharing their combined business experience to help SME's in Devon and Cornwall. If you are looking to grow your business or you are disappointed with poor staff performance, whatever your business challenge, get in touch for a free, no obligation business health check.


Networking Matters

We know it can be a little daunting when you first start Networking to walk into a room full of people and introduce yourself, so we launched Networking Matters where SugarFix Creative owner Maggie will be, so there will always be someone to introduce you to other businesses and get you started on the right Networking Path.


David Collins Consultancy

When in business it’s really important to have a clear vision – otherwise how can you make important financial decisions with certainty? When you have this clarity it’s also crucial to create a structure to realise this vision, and to have a ‘mirror’, someone to hold you to account for taking the actions that are consistent with what really matters to you. David Collins, Banking and Business Planning consultancy will provide you with a free initial discussion to help you.